Ebone Junell
Illustrator & Designer
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Branding / Logo Design | Hand Lettering | Typography | UI Design | Packaging


Imaginative brand concept based around the idea of a cafe that opens late and closes earlier. Nocturne by definition are pieces of art or works that deal with themes of night, and are also dreamy musical compositions. I wanted to play with the name and idea of late night patrons looking for an escape from hustle and bustle of the night life, bright lights and distractions. A place where night owls and all nighters can enjoy a late night coffee or sweet treat. 

The brand plays with a sleepy dreamy concept  while still balancing the idea of a symphony, ex the menu is laid out like a musical score. 


"Nocturne is your home away from home, a quiet salvation in those restless hours of the night. Unlike other cafes we open late and close early allowing you to find the solace you seek to get you through your all nighters or sleepless nights. Let us satisfy you late night caffeinated cravings and sip into the quiet. "

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