Ebone Junell
Illustrator & Designer
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Moxie: Perfume Product


Moxie is a perfume brand that encourages the range of every woman who wears it. Each scent is based on a flower that embodies different traits. The debut fragrances are Primrose, Rose and Plumeria that symbolizes "Moxie", "Finesse", and "Natural Beauty." Each bottle shown was handmade by myself using a interlocking origami technique and spraying a shellac hardening spray. The perfumes were also hand made using a variety of natural oils and essence. 

Hand-lettering | Package Design | Illustration |Conceptualizing |Branding/Logo Design

"The Girls"

For each fragrance I created a girl representing that characteristic. It is the same girl in each image, to reiterating that the fragrance does not define who you are. All women possess these traits within themselves some qualities shine a through a bit brighter than others, but don’t let that stop you from being who you are and how you carry and hold yourself that particular day, year, month. 


What is Moxie?

Moxie’s about being fearless; It’s about not letting others stop you from being you or doing what you want. It’s about having a style that sets you apart from the world one day only to have the world follow in your footsteps the next. It’s saying what you want, doing what you want, when you want without having one inkling of regret. It’s all about having “it” and whatever “it” is girl you’ve got “it”! Let this fragrance highlight that kindle that burning passion of ambition fueled by aspiration that’s already within you and leave a physical reminder to the world that you were here kicking ass and taking names!


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What is Natural Beauty?

A Natural Beauty is effortless; it’s having a charm about yourself that draws people toward you like a magnet. It’s having people go silent with just a flash of that dazzling smile. It’s having that down to earth spirit that everyone can relate with and feel comfortable being around regardless of the topic or duration of knowing you. You are flawless girl, and you know but you still find a way to be humble. Let this fragrance reflect that inner delight that’s radiating out of warm vibe and leave a physical reminder to the world that you were here livin’life to the fullest. 

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What is Finesse?

Finesse is confidence; it’s about coming into your own knowing who you are and what you can give to this world with a “Like it or Love it” attitude. It’s about demanding the attention of a room, bewitching bystanders in awestruck wonderment with that ever present “Je ne sais quoi” air about you. It’s about always being in control but still remaining classy, elegant with just a splash of grace. You are the embodiment of everything that is empowered and desired. Let this fragrance foster that beautiful rose that has already nestled in that heart of gold of yours and leave a physical reminder on the world that you were here raising the bar to impossible heights. 

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